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5 Must-Haves That’ll Make Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions Easier

You know what they say – new year, new you! Although setting new year resolutions can seem like a daunting task, there are a few things that’ll help keep those new goals kicking well past January. Here’s a round-up of some of our faves that’ll make achieving them just a little bit easier!

1. Your goal: To get organised

Behind in your Spring cleaning? It’s never too late to start. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, work on one room at a time & make your way from there. If you ask us, the kitchen pantry could always do with some TLC, no matter how often you think you clear it out! One of our favourite ways to get organised here is with the help of Little Label Co – you’ll find everything from storage containers & drawer dividers to jar labels & even lazy Susan trays. Trust us when we say, it actually makes organising/decluttering seem less like a chore!

2. Your goal: Eat healthier

The key to making long-lasting changes when it comes to eating healthy is not adopting an “all or nothing” approach but rather making small, achievable tweaks as part of your day. For example, if you find yourself rushing out the door, grab yourself a quick & nutritious option that you can enjoy on the go (DARI’s new range of cold soups is perfect for this). Or, if you find yourself getting peckish of an afternoon, opt for a protein hit with a dose of healthy fats instead of a sugary treat. This will help stabilise blood sugar levels & tie you over until dinner. Our top picks? Pic’s Peanut Butter and Cockatoo Grove’s EVOO, naturally.

3. Your goal: Workout regularly

Whether it’s starting your day with a brisk walk, doing a Pilates class on your work break or a sweaty boxing session to kick off your weekend, one thing that always seems to be on the top of everyone’s to-do list in the new year is exercise more! If you’re lacking motivation or looking to mix things up, be sure to check out classes at Air Locker. With multiple locations across NSW, QLD and VIC, Air Locker is backed by science & offers a unique training experience that encompasses conditioning the body to perform at high altitudes, so you get more bang for your buck. What you waiting for?!

4. Your goal: Updating your home

With more & more people working from home, it’s no wonder we’re paying more attention to the space in which we spend day in & day out & in turn, taking notice of how this makes us feel. After you’re done decluttering (refer back to goal #1!) it’s time to surround yourself with things that inspire & make you happy. Whether it’s displaying your favourite snaps, having fresh flowers on the kitchen counter or a fancy handwash in the bathroom (we’re looking at you, al.ive body), we’re all about “enhancing the everyday”.

5. Your goal: Improve your gut health

Feeling a little bit meh after the festive season? Simple things such as drinking more water, minimising processed foods, increasing your fibre intake (we love Chia Sisters Drinks) & moving your body can do wonders when it comes to getting your gut back on track. If you’re interested in trying an alternate health method, enemas can help support the detoxification process by cleansing out the colon. Happy Bum Co offers a range of enema kits (including coffee!) that you can do in the comfort of your own home. They are known to help manage symptoms of IBS including bloating & constipations as well as providing a number of physical & mental health benefits such as reducing brain fog and fatigue. They’re all the rage for a reason!


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