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5 ways to Spring Clean your Brand

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

It’s official, Spring has sprung which means warmer days, flowering trees, & a zest to refresh. Spring isn’t just a great time to clean your home, it’s also a good time to assess how you can revamp & refresh your brand – ensuring that you’re staying true to your core values. This Spring we encourage you to clean out more than just your pantry & cupboards using these methods to Spring Clean your Brand:

Update your imagery

Whether you’re looking to refresh the imagery on your website, get a new LinkedIn headshot or create some fun lifestyle content for your socials, updating your photobank is one of the best ways to revitalise your brand. We recommend making a day of it… take the morning off, doll up, choose your outfits & hire your favourite local photographer who can bring your vision to life. We recently did a shoot with Hannah Singleton of Healthy Luxe (who is amazing!) & it’s given us the opportunity to refresh the imagery we were using on our website, in our credentials & socials too.

Revamp your Socials

Time for a socials audit! When things get busy, your brand’s social channels are often the first thing to slide. Use this Spring energy to analyse your top performing content, prepare a content calendar & start scheduling. There are so many tools available these days that can help you better understand your audience, peak posting times & what content your audience is engaging with most. Some of our favourite tools to use include Plann, Later & Sprout Social. Canva is also great to refresh your designs.

Declutter your Website

Have you had your website for a long time? Do you have a load of old blogs & potentially irrelevant content? If so, it’s likely that the amount of content is really starting to stack up, especially if you’re operating in the blogging space. We’re all about quality over quantity so why not allocate some time to remove any older, less relevant content & ensure that every content piece on your website adds value to your audience.

Reconnect with your Audience

As a brand, it’s crucial to maintain strong personal connections with your audience. There are so many touch points where you can reach out to customers & provide an ‘always on’ approach. Take the time to respond to comments on your Instagram, reply to direct messages & spend time reaching out & engaging with local & like-minded communities. Perhaps you could even consider doing a loop giveaway – we did one recently with our northern beaches network & it went off!

Bring your Brand Values back to the forefront of all that you do

How long has it been since you’ve sat down with your team & looked at your core brand values? Use the spring in your step this season to refresh & ensure that you’re exuding your values in all that you do. As a business owner, that may mean reminding yourself of why you started, your purpose & your goals, as well as taking the time to celebrate how far you’ve come & everything you have achieved to-date.


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