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8 of the Biggest Health Food Trends Predicted for 2023

Keen to learn what's predicted to dominate the health food scene this year? Keep scrolling for the most anticipated & innovative food trends that’s set to be huge in 2023, according to Whole Foods Market Annual Report.

1. Yaupon Tea

A type of holly native plant found in North America, Yaupon was traditionally used by Native Americans – brewed into a herbal tea & used for its medicinal purposes & during rituals. In modern times, it has made its way in drinks such as kombucha & energy drinks amongst others. Similar to its other caffeinated cousin, Yerba Mate, it contains less caffeine than coffee & is packed full of antioxidants & anti-inflammatory benefits.

2. Retro Foods

Giving a nod to nostalgia, retro foods are set to be back & better than ever. Think; Mac n’ Cheese, Pizza Bites & your favourite childhood Breakfast Cereals but with a healthy, nutritious twist – all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavours & less sugar which can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

3. Avocado Everything

Putting a different meaning behind the ‘Smashed Avocado Generation’, Avocado EVERYTHING is here to stay. We’re talking, avocado oil & avocado in more desserts beyond the chocolate mousse. Thanks to their highly nutritious profile (healthy monounsaturated fats, fibre and antioxidants) this is one trend everyone should get on board with!

4. Non-Milk Milks

Just when we think we’ve heard it all (looking at you, Cockroach Milk from 2017), Non-milk milks don’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Adding to the plethora of nut milks available on the market, Pistachio is set to be a big star – & considering it makes such a nice gelato, we have to say – we’re all for it!

5. Conscious Eating

It’s no surprise that more & more people are mindful of where their food comes from before it hits their plate – and this is one trend that’s gaining bigger traction. Understanding how our individual footprint contributes to sustainability means we’re paying more attention to the brands we choose to purchase & support – consumer education is everything.

6. Nutrient-Dense Pasta

You had us at pasta! But seriously, there are more variations on the horizon that can make sneaking those veggies into your diet a little bit easier (a particularly good one for fussy family-members). We’ve seen the rise of cauliflower gnocchi & pulse spirals – & now we’re told to make room on our pantry shelves for things like squash spaghetti, sweet potato penne & green banana fusilli.

7. Ingredient Spotlight: Dates, Kelp & Mushrooms

Although nothing ground-breaking, the humble date, trendy kelp & powerhouse mushrooms are having their big moment in the spotlight. The versatility of dates are seeing them used across the board in baking, savoury dishes & as a natural sweetener of choice. If you ask us, Kelp is totally underrated & offers a range of nutritional benefits including essential vitamins & minerals – And mushrooms, well – they go without saying. Vitamin B, Vitamin D, can help improve heart & brain health, why wouldn’t we want to eat more?!

8. Non-Alcoholic Drinks

With the risk of sounding like the Fun Police, Non-Alcoholic Bevvies are where it’s at. A number of recent behavioural & social surveys are showing that the younger generation of Australians are minimising their alcohol intake & choosing a wellness lifestyle over a night of binge drinking. With so many non-alcoholic drinks on the market, this is making it easier than ever to enjoy a cheeky drink minus the dreaded hangover.


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