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Aussie Neuroscientist Shakes Up Functional Beverage Space

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Dubbed ‘the world’s smartest drink’, formulated by a top Australian Neuroscientist, Ārepa has officially launched into the top 200 Coles stores across Australia. Scientifically proven to keep you feeling calm & thinking clear under moments of pressure, Ārepa functional beverages provide a caffeine free & healthy alternative to enhance mental clarity. Who doesn't need a bit of added clarity in their life?

The brainfood-technology company & high growth start-up Ārepa have engaged the world’s top neuroscientists & conducted clinical research over the past seven years to develop a patented natural formula that can enhance mental wellbeing & performance.

Recognising that over 80% of the population consume caffeinated beverages daily for optimal performance, alongside the discovery of the powerful Neuroberry, co-founder Angus Brown was inspired to create a functional beverage alternative that provides similar benefits to caffeine with additional effects towards stress reduction & cognitive health.

The New Zealand owned & run brand has received an exceptional response locally becoming the market leader and one of the fastest selling health drinks. “At Ārepa our number one focus is that our brain drinks deliver a noticeable & positive felt-effect of mental clarity that is backed up with world-leading neuroscience. That is why we have had so much success in New Zealand; our customers can feel the benefits. I’m thrilled to introduce what I believe is one of the world's smartest drinks to Australian consumers & continue our research with a leading Australian Neuroscientist at the helm,” said Angus Brown.

With one clinical study already published & four underway, Ārepa are working with leading New Zealand Universities & Crown Research Institutes to demonstrate the effects of Ārepa’s patented formula on brain health & performance. These research projects will be overseen by Dr Scholey.


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