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Australians Are Brushing Their Teeth Wrong: Ordo Sonic Toothbrushes Set to Revolutionise Oral Care in Australia

Officially launching into Australia this month, #1 sonic toothbrush brand in the UK, Ordo, is on a mission to empower and educate Australians on how to brush their teeth correctly. With its innovative technology and commitment to oral health excellence, Ordo aims to redefine the dental care experience for Australians nationwide

Developed by a team of dental experts and engineers, Ordo Sonic Toothbrushes are designed to provide superior cleaning efficiency and promote overall dental wellness. Utilising cutting-edge sonic technology, Ordo toothbrushes deliver up to 40,000 strokes per minute, effectively removing plaque and enhancing gum health with every use.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce Ordo Sonic Toothbrushes to the Australian market," says Barty Walsh, Co-founder of Ordo. "Our mission has always been to make high-quality oral care accessible to everyone. By addressing the common issue of improper brushing routines, we want to show Australians the correct way to brush, floss, and use mouthwash.”

Ordo Sonic Toothbrushes boast a sleek and ergonomic design, featuring a two-minute timer and quadpacer to ensure optimal brushing time for each quadrant of the mouth. With three brushing modes—clean, soft, and massage—Ordo offers a personalised dental care experience tailored to individual preferences and sensitivities.

As the leading sonic toothbrush brand in the UK, Ordo has garnered acclaim for its commitment to quality, reliability, and affordability. Backed by extensive research and development, Ordo Sonic Toothbrushes are engineered to deliver exceptional results, helping users achieve a brighter, healthier smile with ease.

"We believe that everyone deserves access to advanced oral care solutions that deliver real results," adds Walsh. "With Ordo Sonic Toothbrushes, Australians can elevate their oral hygiene routine and enjoy the confidence that comes with a radiant smile."

Ordo Sonic Toothbrushes will be available for purchase online at and select retailers across Australia including Myer and David Jones – and come in a range of colours to suit every bathroom aesthetic including Rose Gold, Pearl Violet, Charcoal Grey, Mint Green and White Silver. For more information about Ordo and its range of oral care products, visit  


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