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New Yoga Trend Shaking Up Bali Bliss Retreats This Summer

Known for its unique blend of fun and relaxation, Bali Bliss Retreats is back with its final retreat of the year and is encouraging guests to get bendy and build trust with the latest yoga trend sweeping the globe, AcroYoga – a blend of yoga and acrobatics.

Putting a twist on retreats as we know them, Bali Bliss retreats is hosting a trip just in time for summer from the 7th – 11th November, with an experience that will inspire you to relax, rejuvenate and put the zest back into your life, and is reminding guests to enjoy and not take life too seriously.

Located on the edge of paradise, Bali Bliss Retreats hosts six retreats a year and offers an all-inclusive five-day holistic health and wellness experience on the beautiful cliffs of Bingin Beach. Designed to help you take time and space to clear your mind, experience something new and recharge your energy, the retreats will nourish and replenish you from the inside-out. Bali Bliss Retreats are perfect for those wanting to take time out from family demands, to de-stress from their job or commitments, reconnect with their partner, friend or relative or simply to have some time to themselves.

Through yoga, meditation, fun activities such as AcroYoga and time to relax, Bali Bliss Retreats helps guests reconnect with their true self and open their hearts to their own healing powers. Complimented by a colourful plant-based menu specially designed to gently cleanse and boost your metabolism, the retreat will leave you feeling lighter and brighter.

“We need space and time in an effortless environment to surrender to what is, and that’s when the magic unfolds. Bali Bliss Retreats is my way of not taking retreats too seriously and having fun with the idea of helping people find peace, love and a sense of control in their lives. The introduction of AcroYoga into my retreats teaches guests to find trust not only in themselves but in others too, and also shows them yoga isn’t all about downward dogs,” said founder of Bali Bliss Retreats, Nadine Lafleur.

Boasting over 10 years of experience practicing yoga, Nadine Lafleur (aka Miss Bliss), held her first retreat in 2013 and was inspired by the beautiful restorative power a retreat has. Previously working in the fast-paced corporate world, Nadine found her life lacked happiness and substance and she was just watching her unfulfilled days go by. Nadine needed a form of escape that nurtured her whole being, and decided to focus her intention on creating a positive change in her life.

Bali Bliss Retreats was born out of Nadine’s genuine love for health, yoga, the ocean and self-care, a place where she was able to combine all her passions and welcome others to join in her intention to kick-start a healthy and happy life.

The next Bali Bliss Retreat will be hosted from 7th-11th November 2015, with the following retreat planned for April 2016. With both retreats held at gorgeous coastal locations, it is the perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate your soul. Bali Bliss Retreats offers a range of all-inclusive packages, with share accommodation starting from $USD 1499 (approx. $AUD 2100). There are limited spaces at each retreat, so get in quick.

For more information, or to book a serene escape in paradise, visit

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