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How to bring your business to Australia from New Zealand

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We love our neighbours over the Tasman. Their entrepreneurial spirit & love for creating cool products & brands, especially in the health industry, is inspiring. While we’re geographically close, the Australian Media, Influencer & Brand landscape is totally different to that of New Zealand. A lot of businesses have a strong presence in New Zealand, but strive for expansion over here in Australia. That’s where Straight Up PR comes in. As experts within our field & industry, we love acting as an extension of our clients team & helping them dominate in a new market. From Media relations, Influencer campaigns, Content Creation, Brand Collaborations, Sampling to Physical & Virtual Events & more – we help our New Zealand based clients increase brand awareness in a bigger market. Australia.

Here are three ways Straight Up PR can help you bring your business from New Zealand to Australia.

1. Connect NZ businesses to Australian Media Contacts

When we met Jess Blair, a NZ-based naturopath, nutritionist & Founder of holistic lifestyle education platform, Wellness by Blair, Jess had just moved from Australia to New Zealand, but wanted to keep her connections strong & continue exploring opportunities in Australia.

We helped Jess build her brand in Australia via a Media relations campaign, introducing her to Australian health, lifestyle & mainstream publications. We established positive relationships with key Media for Jess, so she could share her expertise across the Tasman & get featured in publications such as New Idea, Marie Claire & Mamamia.

We also set up opportunities for Jess so that when she was able to make visits to Sydney, we could maximise her time here & introduce her to key Media to secure some coverage via TV & Radio – things she wouldn’t be able to do over in Auckland.

2. Launch New Zealand Products in Australia

Us Australians all know & love Kiwi brand, Pic’s Peanut Butter. But did you know almost seven years ago, Pic’s weren’t even on our supermarket shelves?

We started working with Pic’s back in 2016, when they were launching into Woolworths. We worked with the team to create national exposure through a Media relations campaign, sharing news of the stockist & introducing Australians to the product.

Since the launch of Pic’s in Australia, we’ve kept our strategy tactical & fun. From events, to sampling opportunities, to Influencer engagement & Creative Mailers. Now Pic’s is a known brand here, & we’re proud we were able to grow with them as a business.

3. Get product into the hands of Influential people

Product send outs are a key part of what we do in PR, especially when it comes to marketing or launching a new product that has a unique offering. When a product offering is different, Media & Influencers are more inclined to hear about it & check it out.

When launching our previous client, Chia Sisters, we knew Media & Influencers would be intrigued by the product as it’s the first of its kind.

The Chia Sisters beverage is a drink consisting of hydrated chia seeds with local New Zealand juice. The drinks pack a nutritional punch, are delicious & the business story is a strong one, as the product was innovated by two sisters with a passion for health & wellness.

Sending out the product to Media & Influencers really sparked interest & allowed us to get the product into the hands of influential people. As a result, we gained Media coverage along with social media posts shared across Instagram of this unique drink.


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