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Presenting The New PR Playbook

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The Naturally Good Expo is, hands down, one of our favourite events of the year. You know that excited, jittery feeling you experience as a kid when you wake up on Christmas morning? That’s how we feel each year when the expo comes around!

We’ve attended the Naturally Good Expo every year for as long as we can remember. From listening to insightful talks about the latest trends in health & wellness to loading up on samples & catching up with friends & clients, it’s truly like Disney Land, but for foodies.

This year was doubly as exciting because our very own, Nastasia, spoke at the Naturally Good Business Summit, presenting our New PR Playbook. PR & Talent Director at Straight Up PR, Nastasia has over seven years’ experience in the industry. She lives & breathes health & wellness which she draws upon to deliver authentic & impactful results for her clients.

In our New PR Playbook, Nastasia delivered four key plays, here’s a brief snapshot:

1. The Role of Traditional & New Media

To demonstrate, we used our client, Vegepod, as a case study. Securing coverage across a number of digital & print titles, Nastasia explained the different, yet equally important roles that traditional & new Media play. We’ve been hearing people say “Traditional Media is dying” for almost a decade now, but that’s absolutely not the case.

2. The Rise of Creative Mailers, pushing aside traditional PR product send outs

To showcase this point, we looked at our client of seven years, Pic’s Peanut Butter. In 2020, we arranged three Creative Mailer concepts that involved strategic brand partnerships & a fun/interactive concept that sparks action & engagement. As the name suggests, Creative Mailers need to be creative!

3. Importance of Brand Partnerships

Strategic brand partnerships are integral for successful PR campaigns. To demonstrate this play, we used our client, Lo Bros, as an example. As part of our campaign with Lo Bros, we partnered with iconic ice-cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s to pull together a Creative Mailer. From milkshake glasses, reusable straws & ice-cream scoops to cola & vanilla ice cream, the Mailer contained everything required to make the old childhood classic – the “Spider”.

Partnering with Ben & Jerry’s helped to increase our reach & spark excitement by aligning with a well-known & much-loved brand. On top of that, the branding looked great together making for pretty photos. This partnership was amplified through in-store activations at Ben & Jerry's, partnership with Uber Eats & sampling opportunities.

4. Macro vs Micro Influencers

To demonstrate the final play, we used another client of ours, Euky Bear, as a case study. We explained the role of Macro & Micro Influencers & why bigger isn’t always better. Look for relevance, engagement & authenticity.

You can download our new PR playbook here which provides further information & industry tips & tricks. This was Nastasia’s first big speaking gig, but it definitely won’t be her last. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with what’s to come!


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