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Talking Straight with Alexandra Champion de Crespigny

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Next up on our 'Talking Straight' series is our very own client, Alexandra Champion de Crespigny, Founder of Australian sustainable, high performing yoga mat brand LUVe Yoga.

Since entering isolation during COVID-19, integrating healthy habits into our days has changed & we've been wondering how those in the health & wellness industry have been coping with the changes. Here's Alex.

SUPR: Has your morning routine changed since self-isolation? What does it look like now?

AC: I am doing more running now whereas I used to change it up a bit. A big quick run down to the river, or touching the lake or gardens. It's such a lovely way to clear the mind & know you’ve had some time to yourself to start the day. I do miss other wellness practices though but do little bits of things throughout the day sometimes. & all of that can come back.

SUPR: What’s one healthy habit or skill you’ve embraced during isolation?

AC: I am pleased to have started a home yoga practice which I always found harder to think about as a class/access to community is nice too. … otherwise I’ve embraced lots of new healthy habits which I adore – more time & presence with my babies, some more balance & nutrition across the day – not just for me but for the little people too.

I've also loved having a lie down & rest on the couch, or a family morning tea or lunch up at the bench… It’s a lovely way to connect, hear & share more with & for each other, & more opportunity to nurture & care for each other. I am loving all of that!

SUPR: What are 5 ‘must-haves’ in your kitchen or pantry?

AC: Mmm. Too many?! How to stick to 5! I have just really started to tuck into more hot water & tea – a new cocoa, chilli tea is new for me and feels fabulous to have in the morning or afternoon. And then I would say – grapes (I have an appalling addiction to red, green & black at the moment), smoked trout or other fish I usually have on hand, some greens, & a tickle of chocolate… Is that 5? It is! Wonderful :).

SUPR: What’s one form of activity or movement you couldn’t live without?

AC: Either walking/running or yoga. I find I need the release & fresh air that comes with a long walk or run. But yoga keeps my mind & body balanced long term in a way I just really notice from time to time.

I am missing pilates & (less so but do make myself from time to time - ) swimming.

SUPR: What do you miss most from the pre-COVID-19 world?

AC: Pilates. & maybe a spin class. Just feel those are harder to recreate at home & with underlings still little long road rides aren’t that realistic or inviting just yet. I’m considering buying my own pilates bed! Good spot of pilates is very therapeutic! :)

SUPR: What are you most grateful for?

AC: I guess I have always been most grateful for the people around me. Especially my little people & husband/family/friends. & the world around us. … maybe a little kitsch but I feel like the world is such a broad & beautiful space. To be loved & appreciated. But within it we are actually very insignificant in a way. … so the real is just for us – the connect, love & care with the people around us.

I have found it very difficult during the baby years not having enough of myself or goodness to share & gift to others. I hope I can love, care & nurture for the people around me more & better all the time. & maybe for people more broadly & that big gorgeous world around us too.

I love a stunning rose or similar on a morning run or the light on the river, ocean or other on an afternoon or evening walk.

All very precious.

My family and friends. Most dear to me! :)

SUPR: Why is it important to you to be Straight Up and authentic? Have you ever struggled in the past with being your true self?

AC: Mmm. Think being straight up & authentic has always been me. Maybe madly so.

But I do understand how other people might have or have had their confidence in doing or being that compromised, & I feel heart sore & compassionate with & for that.

Being ourselves is where we get our energy from. Being able to be that with and for the people around us is so important.

SUPR: What’s one thing about the health industry you hope changes after self-isolation?

AC: Mmmm. I think the health industry is so beautiful in so many ways! & so broad & multi-faceted.

One thing I think or feel I have seen during COVID is people slowing down & taking the time to care for & nurture each other a bit better... I think or hope we might continue to see that post COVID. Within the health industry & outside of it.

You can follow Alex on Instagram at @luveyoga


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