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Talking Straight with Nicola Johnson

Our next guest for our Talking Straight Series is the incredible Nicola Johnson, owner of pH Clinic on the Northern Beaches. On top of running a business, Nicola is also a certified Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist, GAPS practitioner, & a Yoga Practitioner. There is no doubt that this lady is a serious health enthusiast! Nicola's passion for health stems from years of her own health issues, which motivated her to learn about the gut & all its intricacies. Let's get straight to it!

What is one aspect of your morning routine that you look forward to?

My morning cocoa or black coffee & green bar combo - I dream about it.

What’s one health & wellness trend that you have never been able to get on board with?

Float tanks.

What piece of advice would you go back & give your younger self?

Enjoy the moment, don’t overthink it, trust your instincts!

What is one quality you have learnt to love & accept about yourself that you might not have before?

My impulsive nature, it use to get me in trouble but now I love how it helps me get shit done!

What does self-care look like to you & how do you prioritise it to prevent burn-out?

Self-care for me is time in nature, time with family, eating good food, surrounding myself with good people. I also prioritise taking care of myself with infrared sauna, cold therapy & colonics as well as manual therapy, facials & exercise! It’s not always prioritised but I ensure everyday has some aspect of the above to avoid burn out.

Complete the following sentences:

On the weekend you’ll find me: with my kids at the beach!

I can’t live without: water

My go-to coffee order is: long black with hot milk

If I were a cocktail, I would be: spicy margarita!

My favourite way to sweat is: in the sauna!

An inspiring quote that sums me up is: Never underestimate your impact;

To the world you may only be one person but to one person you may be the world.

If I could go on any reality TV show I would go on: my reality tv days are over haha!


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