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2022 Health Trends

As we roll into another year living with COVID-19 & a heightened awareness of all things health, it’s safe to say that we’ll be continuing to prioritise our wellness in 2022. No doubt you would have read (or been flooded with) many articles about health trends that will pop up throughout the year. Instead of compiling our own health trend piece, we thought we would share our predictions for wellness themes that we believe are trending but are here to stay.

Being in the better-for-you industry, we see trends come & go, a LOT. As a team, we’re more interested in exploring themes that we can genuinely add to our already healthy lifestyles.

Here are our predictions of wellness themes that are here to stay for 2022 & beyond:

1. Growing your own veggies

As Eric Toensmeir, author of ‘The Carbon Farming Solution’ & Senior Researcher of ‘Project DrawDown’, once said “Of all individual human efforts to help the environment, it is unbeatable to grow food in your own backyard, through your cities, on your roofs. It is the ABSOLUTE gold standard of emissions control.”

Not only is growing your own food amazing from an environmental & sustainable standpoint, it’s also incredible for your mental wellbeing. Our client Vegepod saw their sales skyrocket & interest grow over the lockdown period, as Aussies tapped into their inner green thumbs. There are so many benefits to growing your own veggies – yes, the veggies taste better than your standard supermarket produce, BUT it also gives people a way to reconnect with nature & go back to basics. It’s a mindful activity that’s almost meditative.

2. At home testing kits

Prior to Omicron, we’d never really used the term ‘at home test.’ Now, Rapid Antigen Tests & testing yourself at home is the new norm. As consumers, we’re taking health into our own hands, which removes the pressure off over-worked front-line workers, medical centres & hospitals. We see at home tests becoming a big trend that will span across multiple areas of health care. An example of this is Drop Bio, an at home blood collection kit that helps you navigate your journey to better health. Do a test yourself & get support from professionals from the comfort of your own home.

3. Stand Up Desks

Okay, so this isn’t a new concept by any means, but the work from home movement is not easing up & it’s definitely here to stay. Most Australians spend around eight hours working – reading, sitting – at their desks all day. This sedentary lifestyle isn’t great for our overall health, so integrating movement throughout the day is key. Stand up desks are crucial for your at-home & at-work set up & we’re absolutely in love with LOLA Interiors & their artful home office collection. With a range of colours to suit your homes look & feel, there’s something for everyone at LOLA.

4. Functional Beverages

Another sector that saw enormous growth & will continue to do so is the functional beverage space. Consumers are reaching for drinks, expecting them to do more than just quench their thirst. We want added health benefits in a convenient, delicious beverage. Our client Arepa are a brain food drink that help people tackle brain fog & support mental clarity – they’ve been leading the way in the Nootropics space. Another client MOJO have just launched their Superbooch products including the Green Gut Guru, packed with pre & probiotics, as well as their Calm-omile, perfect for those craving a little calm in their lives. Brands will continue to innovate in this space & we can’t wait to see what’s next.

5. Non-Alcoholic Drinks

In 2021, we saw a huge surge in non-alcoholic beverages coming onto the scene, & we believe this sector will continue to grow. Even mainstream supermarkets are jumping on the bandwagon by introducing alcohol-free wine & beer into their stores. A brand to watch & one of our favourites is Yes You Can. They’re taking the piss out of drinking & giving Australians permission to enjoy the occasion, stay sharp & enjoy their delicious products.


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