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Building Brand Buzz in Australia

We hosted an expert-led panel discussion for New Zealand brands & businesses looking to create buzz in Australia

Following a year of lockdowns, we were keen to host an event to lighten the mood & create some excitement & buzz amongst brands. And who better to do that with than our New Zealand comrades.

In its defence, Covid has taught us a lot… one of those learnings being virtual communication. Yes, Zoom can be an annoyance at the best of times, but it has allowed us to maintain communication with each other throughout a very bizarre & perplexing time. So… thank you, Zoom! You deserve more credit than we give you.

We hosted an expert-led panel discussion for New Zealand brands & businesses who are looking to launch or build brand awareness across the Tasman. As sad as it was that we weren’t all in the same room, we were grateful that a virtual event allowed for more of our guests to attend. In this discussion, attendees gained insights from industry leaders, as well as learning some of our tips & tricks.

As part of our introduction, Hannah O’Donnell, our Founder & Director talked about the creation of Straight Up PR. In 2013, Hannah realised that there was no PR agency that was completely owning the health & wellness & better-for-you space. Cue: the birth of Straight Up PR. Pic’s Peanut Butter was one of our first clients, & it was at that time that our love for New Zealand brands started to take flight. We recognised a need for a PR agency that could represent New Zealand brands and become an extension of these brands here in Australia; help them create brand buzz across the Tasman. Straight Up PR has helped countless New Zealand brands create buzz & success in Australia including the likes of Whittaker's Chocolate, Pic's Peanut Butter, Chia Sisters, Kolorex, Ārepa Nootropics, & Regal Salmon.

Our client, Nikki Neate, Category Marketing Manager at Proper Crisps kicked off the panel & discussed the importance of using PR throughout a brand’s journey; not just using it at the end of the process to attract consumers. Proper Crisps is looking at how they can use PR to drive their distribution to get product onto the shelves & create the buzz. Nikki went on to discuss the importance of product samples, using sample size packaging, as well as food shows to display both the product & the brand’s personality. And anyone who knows Nikki will know how passionate she is about LinkedIn, which she describes as the best place to showcase your brand, so best we all ramp up our activity!

Next up we had Hamish Campbell, Trade Commissioner at NZTE, who highlighted the importance of market orientation. Hamish went on to explain that the Australian market is made up of seven different markets, all of which are unique, & that tactics that work in those separate markets & New Zealand shouldn’t be seen as directly transferrable.

Following suit, Angus Brown, Co-Founder & CEO of Ārepa Nootropics discussed the challenges New Zealand brands face in the Australian market. Angus shared the tactics that have helped him overcome these hurdles, such as using credible Australian influencers; ramping up distribution; conducting trials & showcasing the findings in local pieces of process; sharing the personal story behind the creation of the brand; & partnering with other brands (e.g., giveaways).

Last on the panel, but certainly not least, Caitlin Attenburrow, Head of Marketing at one of our longest standing clients, Pic’s Peanut Butter. Having done her dissertation on building authentic brands, & having worked at both Whittaker’s Chocolate & Chia Sisters, Caitlin used her depth of experience to discuss the whole new type of PR that she’s seen whilst working with us here at Straight Up PR.

Using a combination approach of traditional media, podcasts, influencers & brand collaborations, we’ve been able to add an entire extra layer to our clients’ PR strategies, & help these brands stand out from the (very busy) crowd.

For those who attended, thank you & we hope you found the discussions as insightful as we did. We love working with our clients to ensure long-lasting, successful relationships, & we pride ourselves on working with brands which resonate with us, & us with them. We believe authenticity is what gets our clients the results they want.

For those who couldn’t join us, the event recording is available below. Happy viewing & we hope to see you at our next one.

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