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5 Key PR Tactics

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

There are five main PR tactics we use at Straight Up PR to execute successful campaigns. Each tactic serves a specific purpose & can be tailored to the unique needs & objectives of a brand or campaign. Here we’ll dive into these five tactics & share relevant examples of how they can be used to create brand buzz!

Tactic One – Media Relations /

Media Relations entails building relationships with Journalists to secure media coverage for a brand. This tactic can be highly effective in creating awareness & building credibility for a brand. It’s important to research publications that cover the industry or topic relevant to the brand and target them with a tailored pitch. Learn about one of our killer Media Relations campaigns for our client, Buddee, here.

Tactic Two – Influencer Partnerships /

Establishing relationships with Influencers to promote a brand or product to their audience is effective because it allows brands to tap into the Influencer's audience. This can lead to increased brand awareness. When working with Influencers, always ensure their audience aligns with the brand's target demographic, & that they have an authentic & engaged following. Hot tip: always request insights! We executed a Paid & Unpaid Influencer Relations campaign for our client, Euky Bear, with impressive results – read all about it here.

Tactic Three – Brand Collaborations /

Brand Collaborations involve partnering with other like-minded brands to create mutually beneficial promotions/events/activations. This tactic can be powerful as it allows brands to leverage each other's audience & reach a broader demographic. When considering brand collaborations, it's important to find partners whose values & target audience align to ensure a successful partnership. Learn about how Brand Collaborations played a major role in the launch of Whittaker’s Blondie in Australia, here.

Tactic Four – Events /

Hosting, or participating in Events, is an impactful way to showcase a brand or product to a select and targeted audience. This helps to create an engaging & memorable experience for attendees, strengthening personal relationships with Media & Influencers. Key considerations include identifying the appropriate event style, location, & guest list to guarantee that the brand is reaching the desired demographic. Read about the epic launch Event we hosted for our client, al.ive body here.

Tactic Five – Creative Mailers /

Creative Mailers, a term coined by Straight Up PR, involves sending out branded/themed packages to Media, Influencers & other KOLs in a way that is memorable & that sparks action. This helps to create buzz & generate social media shares, in a way that traditional PR send-outs don’t. Always consider the packaging – sourcing sustainable packaging where possible – & ensure all elements of the mailer align with the overarching campaign objects. We brought to life a knock-out Creative Mailer for our client, Lo Bros, across both Australia & New Zealand. Learn about this campaign & the results here.

Determining the most relevant mix of PR tactics will depend on the specific goals & target audience of the campaign. It is important to carefully evaluate each tactic & consider which are most likely to achieve the desired outcomes for the brand. If you need help determining the best tactics to explore for your brand or business, shoot us an email at – we’d love to chat!


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